NK-80W all in one solar street light

Item No.: NK-80W
80W LED light,
100W/18V MONO solar panel,
54AH/12.8V LiFePO4 Lithium battery,
PIR motion sensor,
Die-casting aluminum housing,

Product introduction

As a outdoor lighting fixture, the Solar Light is powered by solar energy and designed to offer outstanding quality by utilizing A-class LED beads, integrated optical LED lens, high efficiency mono solar panel, powerful lithium battery, self-developed MPPT controller.

Operation principle

The Solar Light is a revolutionary product by utilizing Photovoltaic effect. It isdesigned to constantly absorb solar energy in daylight and convert to electricity, the intelligent controller could precisely control the charge, discharge and well preserve electricity into the lithium battery. And start to iluminate, which is powered by the lithium battery, once the iluminance of groundreduced to 15 lux in night time, or solar panel voltage drop to 5V below. The intelligent controller not only protects the battery from over-charging,over-discharging, but also can control the light switch-on,the time of swicth-on and optimize the brightness effectively according to the real-time environment.
LED light 80W (CREE 3030)
Battery 54AH/12.8V LiFePO4 lithium battery
Solar panel 100W/18V,MONO 
Controller MPPT
Work mode Motion sensor or Constant
Lumen 11200Lm
Material Die-casting aluminum
Installation height 8-10m
Spacing 30-35m