SCL-002plus solar courtyard light

Item No.: SCL-002plus
5V/25W MONO solar panel
3.2V/30AH LiFePO4 lithium battery
160PCS LED light
Die-casting aluminum body
IP65 water proof
Solar charging, no need to pay electricity bills, saving cost.
  1. LED light, High brightness
  2. Die-casting aluminium material, anti-aging /anti-rust
  3. Simple and elegant design, perfect for all kinds of outdoor scenes
  4. Wireless, Easy installation, saving time.
  5. Long lifespan, energy-saving, environmentally friendly.
  6. Good sealing performance, IP54 waterproof level, easy to deal with all kinds of weather 
  7. Auto identify day and night
  8. Product application area: Garden/ Courtyard/ Road/ Park/ Street/ Pathway etc.